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Album Title - That's Eurobeat 31
Release Date - 21.12.1991
Catalogue Number - ALCB-408

1.Alphatown - Body Rock (Johnny's Mix)
2.Radiorama - Come Back My Lover (Baila Baila Mix)
3.Boys Boys Boys - Freedom (High Power Mix)
4.Pamela - Saturday Night (Boeno Mix)
5.Doctor Groove - Cowboy (G' Mix)
6.Superlove - Playboy (L.H. Club Mix)
7.A.M. Morales - You Mean Love (Tendence Mix)
8.Stop Limit Line - Say You Love Me (Extended Mix)
9.Keep It - Keep On Dancing (Extended)
10.Baby Dee - Emotions (Extended)
11.Sharon - I Want You (Extended)
12.Chip Chip - Motion (J.J. "Boom Boom" Mix)

Extended Information (details)

Album Title - That's Eurobeat 32
Release Date - 21.02.1992
Catalogue Number - ALCB-451

1.The Gangstars - From Me To You (R.P. Mix)
2.Max & Company - Bulldog (Animal Version)
3.Mela - Love Me Too (Powerful Mix)
4.Michael Fortunati - Big Bang (Extended Version)
5.Mister Black - Mysterious Man (V Mix)
6.New York Rappers - True Love (D.F. Mix)
7.Mark Farina - Infatuation (Infatuation Remix)
8.Betty Doy - Paradise (Ah Ah Mix)
9.Rose - I'll Never Fall In Love Again (12'' Single Version)
10.Ken Laszlo - Sha La La (Boys & Girls Mix)
11.Licia - Leave Me Alone (Extended)
12.Mr. Zivago - Love In Moscow (Extended Version)

Extended Information (details)

Album Title - That's Eurobeat 33
Release Date - 21.04.1992
Catalogue Number - ALCB-500

1.J.T. Brown - Command (Extended Version)
2.Lisa Johnson - Someone To Love (Extended Mix)
3.Oscar - Superstar (B.B. Mix)
4.Ricky Davies - I've Got You (Ricks Mix)
5.Gipsy & Queen - Black Bird (Extended Mix)
6.Jenny Kee - Atomic Energy (Extasy Mix)
7.Kate & Karen - All Day (Mix Version)
8.Sodapops - Gimme Some Lovin' (The FCF Remix)
9.Andrea - That's The Way My Love Is (J's Mix)
10.Antonella - Gipsy Woman (It Edit)
11.Wiki Wiki - Old Night (Powerful Mix)
12.Karen & Chelle - Walking Miracle

Extended Information (details)

Album Title - That's Eurobeat 34
Release Date - 01.06.1992
Catalogue Number - ALCB-526

1.Susan Spago - Tell Me Why (Mix Version)
2.Stop Limit Line - Crank It Up (Extended Mix)
3.Rose - Matter Of Feeling (Extended Mix)
4.Betty Doy - A Love Story (Romeo And Juliet Mix)
5.Andrea - I Need You So (Andrea Mix)
6.Alphatown - Runaway (The F.C.F. Mix)
7.Funky Sisters - Real Man (TR 909 Edit)
8.Laurie - Love To Dance (The Club Version)
9.Various - Italo Mega Mix

Extended Information (details)

Album Title - That's Eurobeat 35
Release Date - 21.07.1992
Catalogue Number - ALCB-579

1.Dr. Groove - Your Company (Dance Mix)
2.Virgin - Can You Do It Forever (Extended Mix)
3.Mark Farina - Dai Dai Dai (L.A.B. Mix)
4.Mr. Black - Dancing Together (XL Edit)
5.Mela - I'll Be With You (D.J. Edit)
6.Eskimo - Every Night (The Nite & Day Mix)
7.Les Blue Belles - Shine A Little Love (HI-NRG Mix)
8.Phillip & Stanley - I Need Your Love Tonight (Power Mix)
9.Susan Spago - Tell Me Why (Instrumental)
10.Ricky Davies - I Got You (Instrumental
11.Sweet 'N' Sour - Your Heart Beat (Instrumental)
12.Wiki Wiki - Waiting For You (Radio Version)
13.Oscar - Superstar (Instrumental)
14.Laurie - Love To Dance (Instrumental)
15.Tom Chelle - Promised Land (7'' Version)

Extended Information (details)

Album Title - That's Eurobeat 36
Release Date - 21.09.1992
Catalogue Number - ALCB-610

1.Molto Carina - Don't Say Goodbye (Venice Mix)
2.Santa Claus & D. Jingle Bells - Little Man (Masareti Mix)
3.F.C.F. - Baby No! (Extended Version)
4.Jenny Kee - New Love (I.D. Mix)
5.Radiorama - Sugar Love (Verona Mix)
6.Chris - Hey Dee Jay (Dee Jay Pazzo Mix)
7.Tipsy & Tipsy - Video Video (T.V. Mix)
8.Pamela - Hoky Toky (Sayonara Mix)
9.F.C.F. - Stop The Funk (Force Mix)
10.Lorraine McKane - Love Of The Love
11.Wiki Wiki - I Don't Wanna Love You (European Mix)
12.Max & Company - Midnight Radio (Extended Version)
13.Sodapops - Gimme Some Lovin' (The F.C.F. Remix)

Extended Information (details)

Album Title - That's Eurobeat 37
Release Date - 21.12.1992
Catalogue Number - ALCB-680

1.Lisa Johnson - Jump (Extended Mix)
2.Dee Shannon - All My World (Lovely Hearts Mix)
3.Superlove - I Wanna Stop (Paris Mix)
4.Mark Farina - Big Town (The Best Mix)
5.Sodapops - Dancing Fire (The Factory Mix)
6.White Caps - All My Days (Night Remix)
7.Gipsy & Queen - Get Into Action (Extended Mix)
8.Beach Club - Oh Oh Oh (Extended Version)
9.Boys Boys Boys - Dance The Nite Away (L.A. Mix)
10.Machismo - Perfect Love (Love & Mix)
11.Versa - Love Is Funny (Energetic Mix)
12.Sweet 'N' Sour - Diamonds (The Only Mix)

Extended Information (details)

Album Title - That's Eurobeat 38
Release Date - 21.02.1993
Catalogue Number - ALCB-715

1.Rose - Never Fall In Love Again (Extended Mix)
2.A.M. Morales - Pretty Babe (Pretty Mix)
3.Antonella - Babe I Love You (The Rebound Club Mix)
4.Kate & Karen - High On Emotion (Extended Version)
5.Les Blue Belles - Bang A Boomerang (Extended Mix)
6.Alphatown - Heart To Heart (1999 Rmx)
7.Asia Gang - Hippy Ah Oh (Asia Mix)
8.Ken Laszlo - Baby Call Me (Ken Hit Mix)
9.Lisa Johnson - Jump (Dub Version)
10.Bora Bora - Into The Fire (Radio Version)
11.Sweet 'N' Sour - Looking Through You (Readio Edit)
12.Air Robix! - Body To Body (7'' Edit)
13.Dave Rose - I Hold You Back
14.Radiorama - Alien 2 (The Nightmare) (Radio Edit)
15.Gipsy & Queen - Get Into Action (Dub Version)

Extended Information (details)

Album Title - That's Eurobeat 39
Release Date - 21.04.1993
Catalogue Number - ALCB-760

1.F.C.F. - No Control (Violence Mix)
2.Mistery - Never Fall In Love Again (Eva Mix)
3.Lisa Johnson - Heart On Fire (Extended Version)
4.Dr. Love - Romance (Piano Edit)
5.Wiki Wiki - Baby Dancer (Extended Club Mix)
6.Phillip & Stanley - Time After Time (Extended Version)
7.Andrea - Tell Me (K.K. Remix)
8.Virgin - Tell Me I'm The Only One (Extended Version)
9.Machismo - Knock Down (Radio Edit)
10.A.M. Morales - Pretty Babe (Radio Mix)
11.Sweet 'N' Sour - Diamonds (Radio Mix)
12.Astaire - (Everyting I Do) I Do It For You
13.Asia Gang - Hippy Ah Oh (Radio Mix)
14.Les Blue Belles - Bang A Boomerang (Radio Edit)
15.Quantize - There'll Always Be A Place For You In My Heart

Extended Information (details)

Album Title - That's Eurobeat 40
Release Date - 21.06.1993
Catalogue Number - ALCB-800

Disc 1:

1.24 hours - Don't Break My Heart
2.Michael Fortunati - Generate
3.Wiki Wiki - Waiting For You
4.Jerry Milk - Love Is All
5.Gipsy & Queen - Feel So Good
6.The Gangstars - We're Gonna Be Better
7.E. Layne - Get Back
8.Michael Fortunati - Take Me On Up
9.Angie Gold - Eat You Up (1993 Mix)
10.Dolly - Shy Boy
11.Logic Mind - Don't Cry Tonight
12.Oscar - Gimme Your Body
13.Stop Limit Line - Come To Me
14.Chip Chip - Let The Music Play
15.Le Ferrari - Electric Man
16.Babbie Young - Excited
17.Ramone - Let's Go
18.Asia Gang - Afrika
19.Mel 'O' - Pretty Lover
20.Max & Company - Passion Of Fire

Disc 2: Bonus Disc - Best 20

1.Rose - Never Fall In Love Again
2.Phillip & Stanley - Time After Time
3.F.C.F. - Baby No!
4.F.C.F. - No Control
5.Superlove - I Wanna Stop
6.Molto Carina - Don't Say Goodbye
7.Les Blue Belles - Bang A Boomerang
8.Virgin - Tell Me I'm The Only One
9.Gipsy & Queen - Get Into Action
10.Lisa Johnson - Jump
11.A.M. Morales - Pretty Babe
12.Jenny Kee - New Love
13.Alphatown - Heart To Heart
14.Mark Farina - Dai Dai Dai
15.Mark Farina - Gunfire
16.Mark Farina - Cha-Cha-Cha
17.Kylie Minogue - The Loco-Motion
18.Kylie Minogue - I Should Be So Lucky
19.Kylie Minogue - Got To Be Certain
20.Kylie Minogue - Turn It Into Love

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