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T. Stebbins - Leave Me In The Dark

Memories fall,
like golden raindrops from our eyes
The more I even try just to hide them
They still come alive

When I fell down so far
I can't tell where you are
I cannot escape
Have you now claimed my fate?

Leave me in the night
Plainly, in your sight, I am
nothing but a fool and I know
you were right again!
Leave me in the dark,
I hope you go far, never
see me again

Turning in the cold
Marching into the snow
You have taken me out and you are
making me whole again
Save me from the dark
Knowing what you are, I will
see you again

Petals dance
Across a blue and crystal sky
To return to what burned me before
I've reason to die

And you've fallen away
But I want you to stay
Trust me once again
This cannot be the end!