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T. Stebbins - Rain Dance

I'm walking home to the dark of the night
My suspicious intuition tells me something ain't right
I can feel a certain heaviness rolling out into the sky
Too much my life is put on "delay"
I would rather give you something like a silly display
How many chances for this 'till the moment you die?

Our darkest moments are a gift from above
How else are we to determine a moment of love
We can't let something like a little rain
get in the way!

We're in a Rain Dance, let it splash on your head
You could'a been in pain but you're rejoicing instead
It's a Rain Dance, finding joy through your pain
And once you've done it this time you are never the same
Rain Dance, but we're bright as the sun
And you're the ones I'm thanking when the moment is done
and this Rain Dance helping you feel alive
and waiting for another dance, another time!

Now that I'm back and the sun is in view
I can contemplate no better way to spend time with you
But even I know that these pleasantries are not to last
So I have faith that I'll see you again
though I cannot answer questions like where how or when
Why bother planning when life goes by you so fast?

(When the devil comes knocking, look him square in the eye;
You've got a faith like a mountain and you won't let it die!)