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Shihori - Magic Girl !!

Feeling wake my hidden emotion up & down the street to inferno
It's so excited, amazing along the way
Everybody is driven, I just wanna died
The world deeper red cause it's anniversary night
Remember the only day and then, you should be so high!!

Your fate's already in my hand, feel it now!!

Baby yeah, oh baby shake me, show your blood
Join me to underground, give it to this flood
Maybe yet... You don't know this beautiful world
Everlasting emotions makes me bright

Baby yeah, oh baby are you ready go?
Don't you know my heart beating can't help stop
Maybe yet... You don't know "I'm a Magic Girl"!!
Listen to the spell I whisper. We can fly!!

Look into my eyes, and you'll see the end of the world going more crazy
Isn't it funny? A little bit so good
Everything is fantastic, coming apart and
you're in the special night, cause it's a centenary night
Forget ordinary days. If you wanna be so high