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Tipsy & Tipsy - Under The Power Of My Heart

You don't know who I am, I don't give a damn
Take me 'cos I wanna play

And you know I'm your friend oh boy let's pretend
Dancin' all the night away

One more lonely day can take me apart
'Cos you've become my reason to
Living all my days and night with my magic on you

Movin' under the power of my heart
Movin' into the light with you
Love is like an amazing golden dart
'Gotta spend all my nights with you

Movin' over the sound of your kick drum
Movin' down to the clap and more
And I know that the best has yet to come
'Gotta spend all my nights with you

You don't know what I need very much indeed
Free the energy tonight

Something you wouldn't dare something in the air
Feel the beat into the light

Break away the silence of my heart
Oh boy I'm fallin' deep into
Your attraction, your black voodoo
Is takin' back you