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Odyssey - Calm and the Storm

Echo in the deep, I'm waiting quietly
Let my worrying fade
Did you say my name, I'm quickly withering
Far too timid to stay

Right in front of me, a brand new confidence,
Moments powerless gone
My apologies, my old fragility
I am moving beyond

No, I won't take another step away
I have tasted blood tonight
Oh, this power is nothing I have known
Something in it feels so right!

Calm and the storm, I am feeling reborn
Who dares to face me tonight?
Calm and the storm, face the daunting unknown
Bringing a new rage to light

Calm and the storm, now my facade is torn
Glowing red across the blue
Calm and the storm, I am building in scorn
A fatal decision for you

Get yourself away, I won't be going back
Goodness rendered me weak
Walling up my heart will keep from breaking it
Solace for the once meek