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Odyssey & The DNA Team - Uninstall Love

Fantasy, come bring my visions to life
Entropy, I don't need you by my side
Come to me, melt in the void of our song
Ecstasy, to leave the silence of life

There is nothing more that I can do to keep you on the planet
I would love to keep you in my heart but there is nothing in it
(Please take me there with you, there's nothing that you can do?
Please don't tell me goodbye, God, I don't want to die)

I will uninstall my love for you tonight
Wiping out the songs we made together
Nothing can delete the pain you made for me
I can send your soul back to the nether

I will uninstall my love for you today
No room on my heart to be untrue
I will now eject the life we had ahead
I will never be the same for you

Misery, malfunction coronary
Run from me, fantasy falls out of you