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Nana Takahashi - Cherry-Blossom Pleasure Ghost

Thousand of years.
It has been waiting for the bloom.
All doom and gloom.

Hopes and fears.
Just an unsatisfied hunger.
I can't stand it any longer.

Break the spell. This boring Hell.
I'm bloody longing for the time of resurrection.
Set me free. I'm on the spree.
Close the books on deadly life in the jade erection.

Stuck on you! You call my name, Make my lips moist and hot.
But not you! You confuse me, Are you gonna pay the painful price?
Lust for you! You commit yourself to playing my honey pot.
It's up to you! You copy?
My name is Cherry-Blossom Pleasure Ghost.

Seeking for prey.
I got your milky hot spring.
Baby You're on a string.

Sleek foreplay.
Gimme a pearl necklace to me.
You're sacrifice-to-be.

Rumbling sound. Deep in the ground.
My Cherry, let me hear your budding beat.
Butterflies rise on the sly.
Now I'm feeling so much hornier than a bitch on heat.

Look at you! You conquer me? but You're gonna take your toll.
Oh poor you! You call out for help. You're victim of my naughty boobs.
I pity you! You command me? Know your place. You're on deathroll.
Because of You! You're cocky!
I am The Cherry-Blossom Pleasure Ghost.