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Odyssey - On The Moon

I don't believe it, I can never catch a break
I put one down and one more rises
I swear this has to be the fifteenth in a row,
But somehow it always surprises

What kind of killer do I gotta overthrow
Just to get a little peace and quiet?
I know I need to get away somewhere,
But somehow the world will deny it

Why does it feel like I can never break this ceiling,
and take a moment just to cry?
Sometimes I get tired of this vengeance in my eyes!

I don't want to waste another day away from lovin' you
Got these feelins taking over like rabbits on the moon
Let's indulge a life of lunacy I feel is overdue
Dream away and we can make it to the rabbits on the moon

Why do they never try invading somewhere else
Or better yet, go on vacation
I swear I'll never have a moments' rest
if tonight is an indication