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Diablo:Messiah - Breaker

When the heavy stagnation drives to despair.
Speed up gallantly just feel the wind blows in the air.
Breakneck speed of light. Overtake the road mirage.
Now I feel like I'm flying blind. Someone's close behind...!

Here comes the Breaker on a diamante steed.
Gonna be wilder than ever seen before.
There's no truth. There's no meaning of the creed.
Bloodly rotten to the core.
Arrogant Breaker stay hungry for speed.
Heading for the shooting star of Arion.
Ringing the bell now's the time to bleed.
Warning light for Rebellion.

Regret of past mistakes cuts me like a sharp poison knife.
It's getting out of hand. I've got to prove the way of life.
Ruined Empire, pour fuel on the fire.
Ten mighty lancers ready to rush.
Who will draw the curtain?

Here comes the Breaker growling furiously.
Causing tragic harm never seen before.
Could be dangerous no more glorious.
We'll be crawling on all fours.
Until the day of evolution.
Looking back at the age of evolution.
Over and over, the sun will rise again,
Standing tall against the pain.

Here comes the Breaker, won't you ever learn?