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Real name: Christian Codenotti
Label: SCP,

Christian Codenotti is one of the major players at SCP. Not only is he a talented singer, who people mostly know as Ace, but he also writes and produces songs at SCP. He became known as Ace right away when he released his first song, "Play The Music", which is still considered his best song to date. His vocal trademarks influence many SCP songs, ranging from happy to more serious songs.

- Ace was born in 1976.
- The name ACE is derived from the vitamins A, C, and E.

- A known fan of the open-source world of Linux, a few fans have claimed to find Ace posting on Linux forums.

Group Information:
- Go 2 / Eurobeat-Prime Bio

Website Link(s):
- SCP Artist : Ace / Official Site

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