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Real name: Giancarlo Pasquini
Aliases: Derek Simon, Robert Stone, Patrick Hoolley, Mario Ross, Red Skins, RCS, Thomas & Schubert, Aleph, The Big Brother,
Label: A-Beat C / Time,

With the exception of possibly Domino, Dave is the most well-known Eurobeat artists there is, he has also contributed just as much to the genre as his fame shows.

Starting in the band Aleph in the late 70's, he followed Italio-disco from it's roots but the career of Dave Rodgers really kicked off in the 80's when his popularity, and Time Records's, spread following the 1985 release of "Fly To Me". He later took his career to a new level in 1990 when he established his own recording label A-Beat C. His studio, known for aliases such as alephStudio, DominoStudio, Rodger's Studio, and of course.. AbeatC would go on to produce Techno, Rock, Metal, and of course.. Eurobeat music.

Throughout the 90's, Dave wrote and produced almost every Eurobeat song that the label made, however it's divercity afforded him other oppertunities. He managed to attract brazilian guitarist Kiko Loureiro from the group Angra to play for Eurobeat songs as the same with Michael Jackson's guitarist Jennifer Batten. Also, Rock vocalists Tobias Sammet [Edguy / AceWarrior], Roberto Tiranti [Labyrinth / Vanexa / Powerful T] and Fabio Lione [Labyrinth / Vision Devine / Rhapsody / J.Storm].

The real story of Dave is a hard one to tell as most people really don't know it. WE can however see his life reflected on his studio, A-Beat C. It has seen alot of recient changes lately as they are talking more distinct techno and rock edges. Pomotion of specific artists seems to be another track they are on as Dave and Nuage both soon have solo albums coming out.

Whatever the future of Eurobeat, It's not just a guess to say that Dave Rodger's influence will have a definate effect on it.

Random Facts:
- Dave's aliases include Aleph, The Big Brother, Derreck Simons (a few songs), Patrick Hoolley, Red Skins, Robert Stone, Mario Ross (some), RCS, and Thomas & Schubert. Aside from this, he has worked in multiple collaberations and sings background vocals for many of AbeatC's songs.
- Was at one time married to Allesandra Gatti, A.K.A. Domino.
- Supposedly has a son with the aforementioned Domino named Frederico.
- Is the owner and producer behind almost every track produced by the AbeatC label and it's affiliates.

- Dave's career started in the 70's.
- Brian Ice does drums on Dave's new album Blow Your Mind

- Rumors fly that Dave and Domino are seperated/divorced
- Rumors state that Dave and Nuage are a couple.

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