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Album Title - That's Eurobeat 41
Release Date - 21.08.1993
Catalogue Number - ALCB-830

1.Les Blue Belles - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (Extended Mix)
2.Superlove - Give Me Your Passion (Supermix)
3.Terry Gordon - Body Heat (Extended Mix)
4.Laura Steinman - Comin' In & Out / Danceteria
5.Rose - Love Is Like Paradise (Extended Mix)
6.Mark Farina - Don't Cry My Love (Radio Mix)
7.Machismo - Nice And Slow (Kriminal Mix)
8.Santa Claus & D. Jingle Bells - Do Ya Wanna Dance (Club Mix)
9.Asia Gang - Beautiful Boy (Pop Show Ah Mix)
10.Gipsy & Queen - Feel So Good (Extended Mix)
11.Jerry Milk - Love Is All (Lovextended Mix)

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Album Title - That's Eurobeat 42
Release Date - 21.10.1993
Catalogue Number - ALCB-858

1.Kate & Karen - I Wanna Be Your Love (Extended Mix)
2.Molto Carina - One More Night (Club Mix)
3.Michael Fortunati - Nippon Cha Cha Cha (Eurobeat Version)
4.Lisa Johnson - Doctor Doctor (Extended Mix)
5.Mr. Black - Passion (Like Bobby O. Remix)
6.Chip Chip - Oh Guy (The Only One Remix)
7.Love Boutique - I'm Coming Up (Extended Version)
8.Virgin - You're So Crazy (Extended Mix)
9.Evelyn - Never Say Why (Extended Club Mix)
10.Sara - Time Of Change (Mark Mix)
11.24 Hours - Don't Break My Heart (Club Mix)
12.Dolly - Shy Boy (Extended Cry Mix)

Extended Information (details)

Album Title - That's Eurobeat 43
Release Date - 21.12.1993
Catalogue Number - ALCB-880

1.Andrea - Let The Night Away (Night Club Mix)
2.Sodapops - Kind Of Love (Lonely Hearts Mix)
3.Dolly - Fly Up In The Sky (Extended Mix)
4.Laurie - Takin' A Chance (Radio Mix)
5.Sally Rendell - Baby Don't Cry (Extended Mix)
6.E.C. James - I Feel Love (Extended Mix)
7.Tutti Frutti - Lonely Time (Extended Mix)
8.Mr. Black - My Body (Hot Body Mix)
9.T.N.T. - Racing Man (Extended Version)
10.Capo Chino! - The Groove Of Your Love (Extended Version)
11.Radiorama Feat. MC Ya - All Night Long (FCF Remix)
12.The Gangstars - Do It Do It (Radio Version)
13.Chico Chico - Hot For You (FM Edit)

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Album Title - That's Eurobeat 44
Release Date - 21.02.1994
Catalogue Number - ALCB-908

1.Lisa Johnson - Fooling With Your Heart (Extended Mix)
2.Babbie Young - If You Can Say Goodbye (London Beat)
3.Phillip & Stanley - Love You Tonight (Extended Mix)
4.Stop Limit Line - Breakdown (Extended Mix)
5.Jerry Milk - Feel My Love Tonight (Extended Mix)
6.Sweet 'N' Sour - Gimme Your Heart (Auh Auh Mix)
7.Sodapops - Run To Me (Energy Style Club Mix)
8.Radiorama Feat. MC Ya - In Zaire (Extended Version)
9.Ken Laszlo - Mary Ann (T.T.L. Mix)
10.Tutti Frutti - Gonna Love You (Extended Remix)
11.Machismo - Nice And Slow (Radio Mix)
12.Sara - Time Of Change (Radio Mix)
13.Asia Gang - Beautiful Boy (Radio Mix)

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