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T. Stebbins - It Is So

Now that we're here tonight let me hear what you say
There's no poetry in meeting in the day
But this darkness has made me afraid
Can't we take this away
You have no chance in mind of me getting too far
Just confirming what a man-eater you are
One more victim of midnights bizarre
I just can't get away

Why can't I just love you, my darling
It's not all black and blue
I instead see black white and red
as the last live thought into my head!

Our love is too young to die
Why send me off with a lie?
If we'd try again you'd say no
Why dance around it, girl... and just tell me it is so!!!

Now I await the pain of the first massive bite
I was foolish so I won't put up a fight
I concede I'm a fool of the night
Wait for death to come down
Something is wrong, you're crying deep into my arms
Far beyond you now to do me any harm
Hush now darling, no need for alarm
I will not put you down