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Real name: Clara Moroni
Aliases: Linda Ross, Cherry, Denise, Donna, Vanessa, Virgin,
Label: Time / Flea / Asia,

In the Eurobeat business, there are few that one can say have contributed as much as Dave Rodgers. One of those few is definatly Clara Moroni and she also happens to have a life outside of Eurobeat. The voice behind such hits as Boom Boom Dollar and songs from Radiorama, Clara has been on everywhere in the Eurobeat industry.

Random Facts
- Aliases : Laurie, Jaqueline, Radiorama, Melanie Bell, Virgin, Monique, Anika, Vanessa, Les Blue Belles, Lisa Johnson, Gipsy & Queen, Kate & Karen, Cherry, Suzy Lazy, Leila, Eurobeat Girls, Vicky Vale and many more.
- Clara has sang under various labels and she has made cameos under various titles. She's done backing vocals to almost all of the Delta titles and under Time her name can be linked to most of the titles.

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- Ten Worlds Project / Official Site

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