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Real name: Tomas Martin
Aliases: Derreck Simon, Mr. Groove, Derreck Simons, DJ Zorro,
Label: A-Beat C,

For A man of many songs, surprisingly little is known about this NRG Man. He came to Rodgers Studio and quickly became DJ Zorro however he seems to have left this alone for some time as he now usually only sings under the name Mega NRG Man. Recient rumors of him going Free Agent were crushed when on Super Eurobeat 152 his song Body To Body appeared. Known for a recognizeable and powerful high-pitch voice, fast guitars or synths usually lead to a strong and well-defined song.

- SQUASHED: Some believe that Mega NRG Man left ABeatC following the Dave/Domino break up. After SEB 152, it's confirmed that he's still apparently there.

Group Information:
- Derreck Simons / Eurobeat-Prime Bio
- DJ Zorro / Eurobeat-Prime Bio

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