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Real name: Fabio Tordiglione / Fabio Lione
Label: A-Beat C,

Fabio Lione is an another A-Beat C vocalist who has become known in Italy for his merits on the heavy music industry. He has worked with various titles and introduced similar elements to eurobeat as Powerful T. did. Energetic, guitarbased songs were his way and he also offered quite a lot of edge in his songs. Unfortunately he declared that he wouldn't be making anymore eurobeat in the future.

Random Facts:
- Fabio Lione sings in the bands Labyrinth, Rhapsody, and Vision Devine. He also provides vocals on Tobias Sammet's Avanatasia Part II album.

Website Link(s):
- / Official Site
- Vision Devine / Official Site
- Rhapsody / Official Site

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