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Real name: -
Label: HI-NRG Attack,

Claudia Vip is another very strong performer from the wonderful label HI-NRG Attack. Her trademark is the pure energy she delivers when she's singing. The songs have a really catchy athmosphere and generally have very variable backgrounds. The singer is anonymous, but if the artist is on the cover of the Walking Down The Street vinyl, then she's definitely a different name, and not some other vocalist just working under a different alias.

Artists statistics from the database
Vocalists credited under the name Claudia Vip

...From the database:
Claudia Vip - Chiller Shock
Claudia Vip - Chiller Shock (Extended Mix)
Claudia Vip - Cinderella Rokfeller (Extended)
Claudia Vip - Close Your Eyes (Extended Mix)
Claudia Vip - Dancing With The Fire
Claudia Vip - Furious Thunder
Claudia Vip - In Your Car
Claudia Vip - Lucky Star
Claudia Vip - Mr. Dark (Extended Mix)
Claudia Vip - One Night Driller
Claudia Vip - People Of The Night
Claudia Vip - People Of The Night (Extended Mix)
Claudia Vip - Slave To The Rhythm
Claudia Vip - Walking Down The Street
Claudia Vip - Walking Down The Street (Extended Version)
Claudia Vip - White Is For You Black Is For Me