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Odyssey - Zombie

Look me right in the eyes and tell me
You forgot whose you are
I know you've not the best of memory
But now you've gone too far

One time I wanted to forgive you
Forgetting all your lies
But you know you did it again but stronger
Your request is denied

We could've worked it out, you know
We could try to make it right again (whoa-oa-oa!)
Your hesitation's rising up,
And you're telling me to say goodbye

You're like a Zombie, playing a game of love
My survival's not a problem you were thinking of
You're dying to me, although you had the chance
For another life of playing in the game "romance"
You're like a Zombie, bitten out of my soul
You've forgotten all the times I made you lose control
Won't take you with me, not even as a friend,
As I bury you, The End!

Stiff and retched the years before us
Bleeding out from your knife
For a love that I never though worth saving
Don't you dare stay alive